Bali Suit Tailor – Look Your Best Fell The Difference

Our highly skilled Bali Tailor specializes in Man and Women Suit, Wedding and Evening Dress , Leather, Suede, T-shirt and Hats.
Bali Tailor made Man and Women Suit Tailor Only 150 AUD

To express individuality and personal style, there is nothing like a custom made suit by Bali Tailor. Our bespoke suits feature an amazing range of custom details not found elsewhere. Custom made suits are truly one of a kind.

Our custom made suits are made from the finest cashmere fabric available in the world comes from textile mills in the UK and Italy. Mass-produced commercial suits are designed to fit a theoretical “average” man, but no one is average. This is why our made to mesure suit is essential to obtaining a perfect fit. A machine made suit cannot possibly take into consideration such variations as arms that are just lightly longer than average, which would mean the suit coat sleeves would not be quite long enough. A little extra weight carried on the body will cause a commercially made suit to bulge or strain awkwardly, ruining the lines of the garment and causing the wearer to appear untidy.

At Bali Tailor, using the customer’s personal measurements of height, weight, age, and so forth, our master tailors in Bali can fabricate a bespoke suit that fits extremely well, a quality that enhances self confidence. Our master tailors will take in consideration the small vagaries of the customer’s measurements and can adjust for them during the cutting and stitching process. The result is a tailor made suit that is truly comfortable, durable, and stylish.

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